The cost of home inspection in Calgary can vary significantly, depending on the company you choose to perform the inspection. Although this is far from the only factor that will influence the price of the service. Below, we look at several of the factors that influence the cost of home inspections.

The Factors Affecting Calgary Home Inspection Costs

The Company Performing the Inspection

The company performing the inspection will likely play the biggest role in determining the cost. Some companies must charge more to cover higher overhead costs, but they often offer comparable services as a result. Similarly, fly-by-night companies may offer lower prices, but the quality of the home inspection in Calgary is likely to suffer as well. 

The Inspection Services Performed

Not all home inspections in Calgary are done the same way. Some inspectors will omit certain tests, like infrared or drone inspections. This will affect the quality of the inspection and may leave you exposed to unidentified problems down the road. As a result, it is important to speak with your home inspector beforehand and determine the testing they plan to perform.

Home inspection on exterior. Using digital tablet to record results

Extraneous Factors

Other factors may also influence the price of your home inspection in Calgary. Rush inspections, additional information and subsequent inspections are all examples of factors that may increase the base cost of your inspection. It is best to work collaboratively with your inspector to minimize these costs.

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Overall, the cost of home inspections in Calgary typically ranges between $400-$600. Still, the various factors described above and the particulars of your inspection will both play a role, so make sure you call today and get more information about your home!

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