The world of building materials is constantly changing and improving. In our interconnected world, it is important to use our resources to their fullest potential so that as many people as possible may benefit from trees, water and food stores. One of the ways that we, as a society, make use of even the scrap materials from the forestry industry is through medium-density fibreboard (MDF) cabinet doors

Of course, MDF cabinet doors are only one way that we use the base product, which is MDF wood. We also use this material in the cabinets themselves as well as other indoor building projects and shop fitting, to name a few. For such a resilient and helpful product, the origins and manufacturing process seem shrouded in mystery. Today, we pull back the curtain.

The Process of Making MDF Wood

Fibre Production

After the lumber is gathered, the bark stripped, and the planks cut, there is a fair amount of leftover material. This is sent into the chipper, which makes chips of a regular size and cut. They are then stored or used for the creation of fibre. 

Wooden facades in furniture plant

The fibre production involved the heating of the wood chips to soften the natural binder material between the wood fibres. They are then fed through a rotating machine that pulls apart the fibres and turns them into a form of pulp. They are then coated with wax and then urea-formaldehyde, which serves the functions of binding the fibres together, increasing moisture resistance and reducing the likelihood of material clumping.

Sheet Formation

During the sheet formation, the bound and coated fibres from the previous stage are put through machinery to produce even sheets of material. It is pressure-treated and compressed to ensure a dense and strong final product. Occasionally, the boards will be laminated for additional strength. 

Where to Find MDF Cabinet Doors

Even though it is thrilling to learn where these building materials come from, it is even more exciting to see them inside your home performing their intended function. To learn more about MDF cabinet doors and how they can reinvigorate your favourite rooms, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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