MDF cabinet door. Joinery. Disassembled glass cabinet doors in workshop. Furniture manufacture

What Is MDF Wood?

To begin with, multi-density fibreboard (MDF) is a type of wood product. However, it is not a natural type of wood, rather it is a composite of several different types of wood by-products or scraps. It undergoes a process to become akin to wood and serves many purposes in our day to day life.

These purposes include MDF cabinet doors, panels, and more. It is better suited for indoor use because it has a tendency to warp and break when exposed to excessive moisture or high humidity. However, it is made in a very interesting way, that begins with:

The Process of Making MDF Wood

The process begins with debarked wood chips getting shaped and sized. It goes through several processes to get to small chips or plugs. These are then added into a heating chamber where the natural binder (lignin) is loosened and expanded to make the fibre more malleable. 

MDF cabinet door. Joinery. Disassembled glass cabinet doors in workshop. Furniture manufacture

It is then treated to a small amount of acid to further loosen the binder before moving into another chamber. Here, it is loosened and separated into individual fibres for the last time, before being exposed to a new binder agent. This allows the fibres to gather together, and then they are compressed with a combination of heat and pressure to form panels. 

These panels are made in several different thicknesses and sizes to be more useful and often treated with a seal coat to keep chemical vapours from leaking out during their life cycle. This is occasionally utilized to colour the MDF board in different styles and patterns.

Where to Find MDF Wood

Finding MDF wood is a simple process. Simply look for MDF cabinet doors and other products from your favourite hardware store, or if you are in the market for a new set of cabinets, consider consulting with a cabinet maker. Cabinet makers have many purposes for MDF wood and use them in the construction of custom cabinets for a variety of purposes in residential, commercial, and industrial scenarios.

Cabinet makers are also aware of the ins and outs of proper cabinet door preparation and will be able to advise you on proper sealing and staining materials to use with MDF wood. An important part of working with MDF wood is the proper use of cutting and shaping tools, and the protective equipment that must be used during this process.

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